so yesterday morning i spoke with a new pal at verizon, theodora… she spoke very quietly… after about 45 minutes of troubleshooting and my asking her to speak up about 45 times she decided that perhaps it was best that i wait until after 6:00 pm… because “sometimes that helps”… wow…

6:45pm… i met yet another new amigo, tom… tom actually knew what he was talking about… yay… but surprise… dsl still doesn’t work… he was, however, on the ball enough to realize that there was a problem with the line… perish the thought – something may have been hosed up on verizon’s end of the deal… and i should get a call from a technician soon to get it all squared away… attaboy tom…

i couldn’t help but ask my newest pal tom about my first lil’ chat with my oldest pal jeremy… turns out ol’ jeremy was/is a putz… everything shoulda been working on friday… gee… feels nice to be right… it’d feel nicer to be right and have dsl working…

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